Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wow day!!

This past Sunday was a WOW day!! For those of you that read this, you know we are leading the way to raise $100,000 to build an orphanage in Swaziland Africa. After visiting this country in July we knew we had to do something!! And God told us to raise $100,000 to build this home to save His children.

We have a great team built and have an awesome fundraiser planned called Celebrate HOPE on Feb 27th check out the website:

We have raised about $35,000 in about 3-4 months!! Amzazing!! So many generous individuals and businesses in our area have stepped up to sponsor this event.

But on Sunday I got a phone call from Teresa (my friend who is helping to lead this effort). This guy in California, named Wolfgang just ran the Carlsbad Marathon in Southern California and he had raised $28,000 for Heart for Africa... how cool!! But the cool thing is that a few weeks ago Janine emailed out the tv interview that Teresa and I did with the local station here. Wolfgang saw that interview and ordered a few calendars we are selling as a fundraiser. Apparently Wolfgang was touched by our story and especially Teresa's story of losing her son Jared just weeks after we returned from Africa.

Wolfgang designated that $25,000 of his race sponsorship is to go to our home!! The home we are raising money for!! How amazing.. A total stranger, one email, one interview, $25,000!! only God can do this!!

So we are officially at $60,000 of the $100,000 needed raised!! If we keep going at this rate the home may be up and running with kiddo's living in it this fall !!!! That just blows my mind, 3 months ago we had nothing and now we have $60,000!!!

I am so proud of this small community, and how cool to say that the people of Cape Girardeau helped save the lives of orphaned children 10,000 miles away!!!


michelle said...

You ROCK! Our event team rocks! Our community rocks! But God totally ROCKS, Soli Deo Gloria!

Media Struck said...

The Celebrate Hope event was spectacular! I volunteered at the banquet with my sorority (Gamma Sigma Sigma). Best wishes to your team and family!